Sound Pellegrino fired over a neat little video, shot in the lovely 15ème arrondissement of Paris to put some shine on the ultra limited (4 pcs. in the world) Phenomenon x Sound Pellegrino polos. Here’s what Sound Pellegrino head honcho Teki Latex says:

“The story behind the polos is that Big O (the head of japanese designer brand Phenomenon, with whom i had the honor to collaborate on a capsule collection last january) made them as a present for us last time we were in Tokyo. Only 4 pieces exist, one in each color for Orgasmic and I. Aside from being THE best present anyone has ever given to us, these polos are beautifully crafted and mark another step in our collaboration with the amazing label Phenomenon. Stay tuned for more!”

Sounds most promising to us! Peep the video above.

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