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Welcome to a new level in sound and price in luxury headphones which actually should sound amazing. “The [Ultrasone] Edition 10 is the first OPEN-BACK pair of Edition headphones by Ultrasone. The wings of a butterfly inspired the basic look. Ultrasone Edition headphones not only provide brilliant sound but couple that with best materials available. Precious Ethiopian sheepskin leather covers ear cups and head band. Enjoy the comfort of the balanced and matched dark brown sheepskin leather. This is the smoothest leather available. The noble metal matt ruthenium, which is known for its elegant look and durable properties, covers the ear cups. The decorative shiny warm finish of the ruthenium surface shows a variety of eye-catching reflections. The ear cups are emblazoned with inlays of decorous Zebrano wood.”

You’ll pay pretty for these. Seeing as the Edition 8 headphones run around $1400, expect to pay a bit more.

More looks at the Ultrasone Edition 10 Headphones with Sheepskin Leather Cups after the click.

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