01. Hunter S. Thompson Applies for a Job
“Most people try to be as polite and flattering as possible when writing a prospective employer to ask for a job. It’s really the only medium where being obsequious is seen as a virtue. But when Hunter S. Thompson applied for a job at the Vancouver Sun in 1958, the famously wild and inventive author wrote a cover letter that, like Thompson himself and the “gonzo journalism” that would make him famous, broke all the rules.” (atlanticwire)

02. ‘The Wire’ Monopoly game (above)
“The Wire is all about corners,” says Hasbro spokesperson Jane McDougall, “and the Monopoly board is all about corners. It was a natural fit.” (kottke>poke)

03. Dear Gap, I have your new logo.
“As you requested, I’ve redesigned your logo. It’s behind the post-it above. It’s unbelievably good. Fantastic, even. I’m convinced it’s what you need.” (mule)

04. How I Made It: Marc Weinstein, co-founder of retailer Amoeba Music
“”Vinyl sales are so strong, it’s making up for the decline in CD sales,” Weinstein explained. Who’s buying vinyl? Jazz collectors, DJs and, surprisingly, heavy-metal fans. “Many of them are 18 or younger,” Weinstein said. “It’s a very artifact-oriented crowd that’s attracted to how these things looked and felt.”” (latimes)

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