01. The 9 Best Videos Of The Week

“here are too many music videos. And unlike songs and albums (which there are also too many of), videos demand your full attention to enjoy them. We know it’s a part-time job in itself to make it through all the clips we post, so welcome to ‘Straight To Video’: Once a week we’ll round up the best music videos to come out in the last few days, from those we posted and those we did not, along with live performances and other visual bits that you may have missed. ” (stereogum)

02. James Blake covers Feist

“And now we get news of the first single from his as-yet-untitled debut album, which is due out early next year. It’s a warped cover of Feist’s Reminder ballad “The Limit to Your Love” that puts Blake’s striking voice front and center. The single is out November 8 via ATLAS. Keep an eye out for a video for the track directed by Martin de Thurah (Fever Ray, Röyksopp) on Pitchfork.tv next week.” (pitchfork)

03. Austin City Limits this weekend, stream it

The Austin City Limits festival at Zilker Park in Austin, Texas kicks off today and runs through Sunday (10/8 – 10/10). If you haven’t arranged flights/hotels by now you can check out the fest from the comfort of your home. Stream the webcast from the fest at the ACL site.” (brooklynvegan)

04. Gorillaz 45-Minute “Letterman” Concert

“The virtual rock band performs an exclusive concert from the Ed Sullivan Theater on October 7, 2010.” (Letterman)

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