01. True to type: how we fell in love with our letters

“From easyJet to Facebook, road signs to clothing labels, we are surrounded by a world of type. But what messages do its different kinds convey? In this extract from his new book, Just My Type, Simon Garfield looks at the history of typefaces, the obsessive care taken over their design – and the role they play in shaping our lives.” (Guardian).

02. Keith Richards: the life and times of the Rolling Stones guitarist in pictures (above)

“Keith Richards has described fellow Rolling Stone Mick Jagger as “unbearable” in a candid memoir that lays open their fraught relationship. In his autobiography Life, the musician reveals his nicknames for Jagger are “Brenda” or “Your Majesty”, and compares coping with an annoying mynah bird as “like living with Mick”. In this gallery, we look back at Keith’s life and career in pictures.” (Telegraph).

03. R.I.P. Eyedea

“A native of Minnesota, Eyedea rose to fame after strong showings at a number of free style rap battles, including the Scribble Jam battle in 1999 and HBO’s Blaze Battle in 2000. He would ultimately sign with label Rhymesayers and formed a partnership with DJ Abilities. Under the moniker Eyedea & Abilities, the duo released three full-length efforts, including 2009’s By the Throat. He also frequently teamed up with high profile MC’s Aesop Rock and Sage Francis.” (Cosenquenseofsound).

04. Design Research: The Store That Brought Modern Living to American Homes

“When Ben Thompson opened Design Research in Boston in 1953, his innovative store became synonymous with modern interior design, lighting a public spark that still burns today, though the store itself is no longer. When the mass-produced furniture of impersonal department stores reigned supreme, this boutique retailer dared to provide a learned yet unpretentious environment for sleek design. Today, Design Research’s legacy can be seen in the showrooms of Crate & Barrel and Design Within Reach. Through interviews, anecdotes and lush photographs, Design Research documents the array of household objects and furniture introduced to the American home through the legendary store that made good design available to all.” (Chronicle).

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