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As announced previously, Boundless NY’s new clothing label, which launches for Winter 2010, will coincide with the merger of the King Stampede brand.

“King Stampede has always been an extension of the same creative ideas and forces that are behind Boundless, so our decision to merge the two under one name was a natural one to make,” comments Nick Langella, Boundless NY Owner. “By bringing it into the fold as a Boundless NY branded label, we are now able to direct more resources towards developing the line to its full potential.”

Consisting of bottoms, tops, outerwear and graphic t-shirts, the line updates timeless pieces with Boundless NY’s East Coast sensibilities which are subtly sprinkled on trims, tags and other visuals. Available Friday in at the two Boundless NY locations, their online shop as well as a few select retailers.

Check out more photos of the collection after the click.

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