01. Listen to the Longest Daft Punk Tron Clip Yet

“Go to the Tron: Legacy Facebook page to hear a whole minute-and-a-half clip of a track called “The Game Has Changed”. It is guaranteed to make you feel like a superhero on your way out of work. The soundtrack is out December 7. And that photo up there is a promo pic of Daft Punk all Tron-ed out. Read about the duo’s cameo in the film here.” (pitchfork)

02. Taking comics seriously. Visual storytelling is about literature as well as literacy (above)

“The graphic novel’s rise in popularity shouldn’t really come as a surprise, write Metaphrog’s Sandra Marrs and John Chalmers. After all, we are living in an increasingly visual culture, an accelerated culture, where work and leisure time often blur and usually involve screens screaming with images. Understanding these images is something innate, both simple and complex at the same time.” (eyeblog)

03. Working Title: Makeshift Solutions become Casual Furniture

“Berlin-based Johanna Dehio has released a series of furniture based on makeshift solutions, playing up our tendency to stack, lean and perch in a series of participatory products. A favorite is “Wandwinkel,” or wall-angles, a sideboard and mirror that lean against the wall at an angle that makes them just stable. A similar gesture, “Kleiderstiele,” or clothing-sticks, is a boiled-down coat rack—a broomstick to hold garments.” (core77)

04. Everything You Know Is Pong Book

Everything You Know Is Pong is the most important book you’ll ever buy. Well, the most important book about sports you’ll ever buy. Fine, the most important book about table tennis, ever. “This book tells the ripping story of Ping Pong’s definitive role on global politics, history, and culture with additional fabulous insights from our friends in Pong including Nick Hornby, Jonathan Safran Foer, and fresh off his Booker prize win, Howard Jacobson.” (joshspear)

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