All utility edition…

01. Gerber 31-000082 Gator Machete Junior with Sheath (above)

“This Gerber machete has a normal 16″ blade on one side and a serrated saw on the other side. I go gold prospecting in very overgrown and brushy areas, so the hollow ground machete blade will take care of the smaller stuff and the saw is right there for the occasional limb or larger brush.” (boing)

02. A New Way to Stand Your Pans

“I’m always thinking of new ways to stand my pans. That’s why I love it whenever I get to write about a new pan stand. This particular pan stand comes from designer Damian Evans who has done this lovely design for the folks over at Hahn Cookwear. This stand, says Evans, was designed as a modern alternative to the traditional pan stand, and it uses a chromed steel frame with colored plastic arms to do its everloving pan holding job.” (yanko)

03. Colleen Woods Pencils, Vol. 1

“Here are some pencils that I never thought I would see in person – the first volume of the Colleen Woods series. An amazing masterpiece of pencil making, each pencil in the series of twenty-four (two volumes of twelve) is made from a different species of wood.” (penciltalk)

04. BioShock Splicer Welder Mask Replica (above)

This BioShock Splicer welder mask(Pre-order; November 2010) arrives too late for this Halloween. “From the BioShock video games comes this full-size resin “Welder” Splicer mask, that can be worn or hung as wall décor. Just like what the Splicers wear in game, now you can wear one too! Made of resin with leather-like straps.” (likecool)

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