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Folk Clothing, a contemporary mens/womens line, brings out a new arrival for winter 2010. The “rainmac” jacket comes three different colorways. The jacket comes in “nylon with a clear film backing which is resistant to rain to make the jacket more protective against the elements we have also developed a ‘squares’ printed tape to seal the seams and the pocket zip tapes are coated to be waterproof as well.” If you’re looking for a different take on all the technical jackets out there this would be the piece to pick-up.

One detail that stands out on this jacket is that the “Top pocket has been made with ipods / phones in mind with a circle cut hole for head phone wires to feed through keeping the connections out of the rain.” The jacket is available at Folk. (gb)

More looks at the Folk Clothing “Rainmac” Jacket after the click.

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