Where the runway meets the street
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Outlier continues to make strides and push the potential of high tech fabrics to meet the needs of traditional silhouettes. “A classic wool peacoat reengineered for a life of freedom. We’ve always loved vintage navy peacoats, there is nothing better for walking around town on a cold wet winter morning. Problem is the traditional fabric is so constrictive you can barely reach a subway staphanger, let alone get comfortable riding your bike in one. The Liberated Wool Peacoat keeps the classic peacoat aesthetics but uses an innovative cut and a 2.5 layer wool softshell fabric to create a cool weather jacket fit for motion and comfort.”

The wool outer (which is yarn dyed) is held to a fleece interior with a wind and water resistant polyurethane bond.

More images… shot on the streets of New York and Montreal… after the jump.

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