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Award winning graphic designer, Rian Hughes, chronicles the looks of the 50’s through the illustrations which defined the decade. From the publisher: “The determinedly forward-looking optimism of postwar Europe and America was nowhere more evidenced than in the magazine art of the 1950s. In cheery scenes of domestic harmony, of strong-jawed men and winsome women, the illustration arts declared that the wartime years of austerity and uncertainty were at an end and a sunnier, more aspirational culture was taking shape. Featuring over 1,000 beautiful and stylistically diverse illustrations, Lifestyle Illustration of the 50s charts the decade’s progression as western economies started to recover and youth culture began to assert itself in the market place.”

Available for pre-order from Lifestyle Illustration of the 50s.

More looks inside Rian Hughe’s “Lifestyle Illustration of the 50′” Book after the click.

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