01. Fridge Igloo Is Almost Too Cool

“This unique piece of art, Fridge Igloo is presently installed in the center of Hamburg in the middle of the Gansmarkt. Schmerberg used 322 old refrigerators (and a metal frame) to create an igloo that is hooked up to an electrical meter that records the wasted energy. Now, if that’s not somewhat ironic, I don’t know what is.” (wl)

02. Second Skin Chair by Quinze & Milan

“For the Second Skin chair Quinze & Milan stripped down the notorious easy chair from all unnecessary frills, until they were left with nothing but its core, the “bones”. What was left was a deconstructed chair and with traditional upholstering in leather in mind, Quinze & Milan started playing – the result “a comfortable chair reflecting a 21st-century interpretation of time-honoured craftmanship.” (moco)

03. The Wehrmachtkanister, a/k/a Jerrycan: Astonishingly good industrial design from the 1930s (above)

“While the Allies of World War II certainly had the moral high ground over the Axis, it’s almost embarassing to see how far the former was behind the latter in terms of industrial design. A good case in point is the object that today is known as the Jerrycan. (“Jerry” being Allied slang for “German.” The can was originally called Wehrmachtkanister.)” (core77)

04. Less&More Organizers

“A variety of minimal and modern desk organizers handmade from wood. The different styles can be used to organize desk items, crafting tools, cosmetics, essential oils, coloring pencils and more. From etsy shop lessandmore.” (likecool)

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