01. Pictures: Under The Armor (above).

“UCONN football tattoos.” (Courant).

02. Declaration on the Notion of “The Future”

“The International Necronautical Society now entering its eleventh year, the First Committee has recently come under pressure to release, in keeping with the INS’s avant-garde demeanor, some kind of “statement” both assessing the organization’s achievements and prognosticating for its future. Both these impulses we reject.” (Believer).

03. A Slice With: Chef Wolfgang Puck

:Chefs love pizza too. So we’re chatting up chefs from around the country about their favorites, their home-pizzamaking habits, and their beloved childhood pizza memories. Today’s victim: Wolfgang Puck, a legend of California-style pizza.” (Serious Eats).

04. Classic Songs of Louisiana: Aaron Neville’s “Tell It Like It Is”

“As illogical as it sounds, a million-selling record can actually bankrupt the company that manufactures and distributes it. Such was the fate for the hypnotic “Tell It Like It Is.” Prior to recording “Tell It Like It Is,” Aaron Neville was one of many hustling New Orleans R&B singers; “Tell It Like It Is” would become his signature.” (Off Beat).

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