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On January 11, Virgin/EMI will release The Best Of N.E.R.D, a new CD and digital collection gathering 16 of the band’s top Virgin singles, album cuts, b-sides and remixes.

“N.E.R.D was formed in 2001 by The Neptunes’ pop and hip-hop production partners Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo with Shae Haley. Their acclaimed, Shortlist Music Prize-winning debut, In Search Of, was first released in Europe in 2001, before being re-worked to add instrumentation for global release in 2002. 2004’s Fly or Die debuted at #6 on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums chart. Both albums are RIAA Gold-certified in the U.S.

The Best Of N.E.R.D includes the hits “She Wants To Move,” “Rockstar,” “Lapdance,” “Run To The Sun,” and “Fly or Die,” other standouts from their two Virgin albums, plus b-sides “What’s Wrong With Me” and “Lil’ Suzy” featuring Kelis, as well as remixes for “Maybe” (Sander Kleinenberg Remix – Radio Edit) and “She Wants To Move” (Justice Remix).”

A full track list follows after the jump.

The Best Of N.E.R.D [CD, digital]
1. Rock Star [from In Search Of]
2. Lapdance [from In Search Of]
3. She Wants To Move [from Fly or Die]
4. Provider [from In Search Of]
5. Maybe [from Fly or Die]
6. Fly or Die [from Fly or Die]
7. Brain [from In Search Of]
8. Thrasher [from Fly or Die]
9. Run To The Sun [from In Search Of]
10. Baby Doll [from In Search Of]
11. What’s Wrong With Me [“Lapdance” b-side]
12. Lil’ Suzy feat. Kelis [“Lapdance” b-side]
13. Things Are Getting Better [from In Search Of]
14. Truth Or Dare (featuring Kelis and Pusha T) [from In Search Of]
15. Maybe (Sander Kleinenberg Remix – Radio Edit) [from “Maybe” single]
16. She Wants To Move (Justice Remix) [French single version of “She Wants To Move”]

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