01. New Hampshire Glassmakers: 1780–1886 At Peterborough Historical Society

“From its earliest documented production at Jamestown in 1608, American glass was coveted for its utility and beauty. From the simplest stubby forms to the most sophisticated molded examples, early glass is prized both for the ingenuity it represents, its technological developments and its array of colors. Today’s collectors treasure the irregularities of the preindustrial products that testify to the artistry of the particular maker — especially those produced in New Hampshire.” (Bee).

02. Another Pulled Off Plane Because of Tattoos

“If it wasn’t for Twitter I wouldn’t know things like Fake Gary Busey’s tips on hookers, the exploits of douches on the subway, and what injustice is being done to our tattooed brethren. The latest in Delta doucherie happened earlier today to food stylist Adam Pearson.” (Needles & Sins).

03. Seeing the Court Like the Great Ones

“Ricky Rubio can’t jump high, doesn’t move fast and isn’t especially tall. His shot is mechanical, and his scoring stats remain underwhelming — usually just a few points a game for his Spanish professional and national teams. But he possesses one talent in abundance that gives him a chance to one day make a splash, and perhaps star, in the NBA.” (ESPN).

04. Our Top 9 Green Style Essentials for Guys this Fall (Above)

“Looking for a way to step up your style game this fall? Well, look no further because we’ve rounded up 9 very fine, very green picks able to transform your wardrobe from ” WTF?” to “Wowzas!” From classic frost-battling essentials that are built to last, to versatile and structured coats that don’t sacrifice style, here are the best of the best in sustainable garments, sure to keep you warm, snug and chic for all those frosty seasons to come.” (Inhabitat).

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