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SOTO Berlin presents a solo exhibition with British photographer Alastair Philip Wiper. The exhibition Lonely Fruit presents a collection of fascinating photographic works inspired by the artist’s love of the unusual, strange aspects of the world combined with a strong appreciation for the usual and the mundane.

“Lonely Fruit zooms in on people, animals and objects isolated in their surroundings – sometimes lost and confused, sometimes tranquil and at peace. The photographs explore the notion of loneliness as a state, and the idea that loneliness is not necessarily negative, but can also be both positive and reflective.

All photographs in Lonely Fruit are shot using analogue films developed in darkroom – which is an essential part of Alastair’s artistic process. Aesthetically, the works have a remarkable authenticity and realism to them. They bring to life a feeling of solitude and nostalgia in the viewer, and point at a darkness and an appreciation of the macabre. This offset by a strange irony and often lightheartedness, that brings the image away from the territory of the depressing. The images of the fruit in different environments invoke feelings of calm amidst commotion, contrasted by sparse, desolate vistas giving light to the loneliness, the completeness and the fruitiness of the world. “

The opening is tomorrow night at Soto Berlin.

A preview of the exhibition follows after the jump.

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