01. The Tiger Stone: A Contraption that “Prints” Roads

“This machine that lays down ready-made brick road—some are calling it a “road printer”—really grabbed the internet’s attention this morning (exhibits one, two, and three).” (Good)

02. How can Silvio Berlusconi still be in power?

“Silvio Berlusconi is still the leader of one of Europe’s most important countries. Talk of bribing lawyers, proximity to the mafia and sex scandals with teenagers have yet to dislodge him. So how can Italy get rid of him?” (Guardian)

03. Afterwards

Take a look at the pictures. (Gingerland)

04. Elton John to become a newspaper editor

“Elton John is set to become a newspaper editor – guest-editing the December 1 issue of The Independent.” (NME)

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