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Vans Syndicate and Luke Meier release the second part of their Zero Lo project in the form of a micro site. Featured on the site is a short film directed by Kahlil Joseph which was inspired by the project. Also of note is the announcement that a navy colorway of the Zero Lo will be available exclusively at Supreme stores worldwide on Friday, November 26th, Black Friday.

Make sure to check out the microsite here.

Full credits of the short film follow after the jump.

The film was directed by Kahlil Joseph, in collaboration with Luke Meier. It was shot using the RED ONE as well as the Phantom HD systems. Credits are as follows:

Written and Directed by: Kahlil Joseph
Music by: Flying Lotus and Melvin Gibbs
Produced by: Luke Meier, Chris Gibbs, and Omid Fatemi
Photographed by: Matthew J. Lloyd
Co-produced by: Funk Factory Films
Skaters: Chioke Daudi Stuckey, Ben Randolph, Zachary Zaragoza, and Rodney Procter
Edited by: Kahlil Joseph, Sean Shafer, Aaron Morris, and Luke Lynch
Costume/Production Designer: Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes
Optical Titles: Sebastian Pardo
Camera Assist: Trevor Funk

Shot on location in Seattle, WA

Support from: Tom Cooke, Jay Potocar, Jon Warren, Berto Liechty, Rian Pozzebon, Peter Dericks, Michael deWit, and Matt Shipman from Vans; James Jebbia from Supreme; and Ill Studio

Special thanks: The Procter Family, Molly O’Brien, Malik Sayeed, Funk Factory Films, Trevor Funk, Nin Truong, Ali Fatemi, Chezik Walker, Rock Paper Scissors, and The City of Seattle

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