01. Well-Appointed Guest Rooms, and Tattoo Suite Down the Hall (Above)

“The sun had long since set when the design — an intricate garland of roses and a few skulls drawn on the skin in Sharpie marker — finally dried and it was time to begin tattooing the client, who had arrived shortly before 4 p.m. The usual accouterments — individually wrapped needles and tubes, containers of ink and antiseptic, and a smear of A+D ointment — were fanned out across a table next to the artist.” (NYT).

02. ‘My anger’: Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto opens up about losing his father and his rage at fashion’s frivolities

“Happy birthday, Yohji Yamamoto. In the black box of a space that is the fashion designer’s ultra-chic Paris HQ, celebrations are well under way. The man himself, also dressed in black and, specifically, tailored trousers, leather jacket and fedora, stands quietly – almost shyly – to one side as his president, one Mr Shohei Otsuka, bestows not-so-shy gifts on his colleague and friend. There’s a pair of oversized vintage Levi Strauss jeans, two “ugly” and certainly, given the monochromatic setting, luridly colourful and equally large T-shirts, a birthday cake iced in a shade that might not unreasonably be described as venom green, and a fringed leather whip. Much hilarity ensues when Mr Yamamoto demonstrates the potential ferocity of the latter – he’s holding it, his team is quick to point out, upside down.” (Independent).

03. Food and Design: a report by Dezeen for Scholtès

“Earlier this year, Dezeen teamed up with luxury kitchen appliances brand Scholtès to investigate a fascinating trend: the cross-pollination between the worlds of food and design. The main focus of our research was the Milan furniture fair in April, where we conducted video interviews with designers and chefs and filmed many of the food-related events taking place in the city.” (Dezeen).

04. Floyd if not Pacquiao then…Martinez??

“Paul Williams has trouble with southpaws, and Sergio Martinez made that perfectly clear this past Saturday. Floyd Mayweather in pursuit of a Manny Pacquiao fight has consistently attempted to ‘one-up’ the P4P king. Here again is an opportunity for Floyd to ‘one-up’ the 8-division champ by signing to fight middleweight champ Sergio Martinez. Berto won’t do it, perhaps Williams was a little bit overrated and overlooking Martinez, in any case he won’t do it either, nor will Saul Alvarez, Matthew Hatton or Mayweather fighting any of the other ‘usual suspects’…” (East Side Boxing).

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