01. Artist Profile: BUGS

“For the December/January issue of Inked magazine, I had the pleasure of interviewing tattoo artist, painter, and now sculptor BUGS, whose blend of cubism and art deco inspired tattoos have earned him international acclaim as an innovator in the industry.” (Needles & Sins).

02. Leslie Nielsen, comic actor and Airplane! star, dies

“Veteran comic actor Leslie Nielsen, star of Airplane! and The Naked Gun, has died at the age of 84.” (BBC).

03. Michael Light [Photographer] in conversation with Lawrence Weschler [Writer]

“Michael Light is a San Francisco–based artist and bookmaker whose work, by turns fiercely political and achingly rhapsodic, and not infrequently both at once, has come to focus, with gathering power and lucidity, on the rapture and the rupture that are man’s trace on the land.” (Believer).

04. The Ozzy Osbourne T-Shirt (Above)

“”In shop-class on the first day of junior high, the guy across the worktable lifted his head from his folded hands and declared to me, to himself or maybe to no one, “I am going to wear an Ozzy shirt every day until the end of school.” He was not a kid on whom you would exactly pin the term “goal-oriented,” but this guy was resolute in his mission.” (Off Beat).

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