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Here’s something that should please any 032c followers. They’ll soon be hosting Archive Imaginaire, the work of Thomas Mayfried. We could sum it all up, but they’ve done it pretty comprehensively, so over to them:

“In 2003, photographer and graphic designer THOMAS MAYFRIED was selected to develop the visual identity for the Haus der Kunst, Munich. That effort, in which he remains intimately involved, was showcased at the Haus der Kunst last summer in “Thomas Mayfried. Ephemera. Graphic Design. Etc.” Curated by Swantje Grunder and Chris Dercon, whose own personal archive was featured at 032c workshop in 2008, the exhibition spotlighted the cumulative process of design, presenting not only Mayfried’s own printed materials, but also blueprints for Haus der Kunst, ephemera, and unrealized and realized works from a diverse selection artists, photographers and designers. ARCHIVE IMAGINAIRE thus at once continues Mayfried’s excavation of his own visual memory, and marks yet another installment in 032c workshop’s avid exploration of the notion of the archive”

Like we said, pretty comprehensive. Take a look at some preview shots after the leap and you can check the official site for details.

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