01. Eggleston’s Albums

“William Eggleston has had a long history with music and musicians, from his “red ceiling” image on Big Star’s 1974 album Radio City to Spoon’s Transference in 2010. It’s no wonder so many bands have been influenced by his beautiful images of everyday objects and settings. Eggleston’s photos, currently on view, have a slight uneasy mood. The rich color and his exacting eye forces you to look twice at a telephone or a coke bottle or a girl’s hair in the sunlight that you might have passed if you were walking by.” (LACMA).

02. The Journal of Popular Noise

“The Journal of Popular Noise, under the direction of Byron Kalet, “is a semi-annual audio magazine inspired by the traditions of pop music, printed periodicals, and the delight of a finely crafted artifact.” Produced in editions of 300, each issue includes a hand-folded (by Kalet himself), letter-press printed broadside that serves at once as scholarly journal, musical score, and record sleeve holding three seven-inch vinyls.” (Graphic Arts).

03. Enrico Pallazzo, 1926-2010; saved Queen of England

“Enrico Pallazzo, an acclaimed Italian opera singer who achieved greater international fame by thwarting an assassination attempt on the queen of England while working as a baseball umpire, died Sunday. He was 84.” (ESPN). [Ed. Note – one of the best tribute pieces to the late, great Leslie Nielson].

04. AD Round Up: Stadiums Part III (ABOVE)

“For our 3rd part, we have stadiums from Croatia, Kazakhstan, Ireland, Switzerland and Slovenia!” (Arch Daily).

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