01. New York Punk & Underground Record Fair coming

“Just in time for Christmas, the New York Punk & Underground Record Fair will have their second outing of 2010 (the first was in May) on December 11th at Southpaw. Beginning at 10AM, $5 will get you in but be prepared to spend a lot more than that if you’re into Punk, New Wave, Hardcore, Indie, Metal, Power Pop or anything DIY and in-between. Full bar will be in-effect and DJs will be-a-plenty.” (bv)

02. Is This Really Boston’s Next Media Mogul?

“Then there’s the fact that he is obsessed with a website that, over the past several years, he’s built from nothing: Barstool Sports, a crudely designed, widely read (and highly readable) “sports/smut” site that can only be described as the bastard child of ESPN and Girls Gone Wild. ” (boston)

03. Take Delight In Russian Tundra Scenery (above)

“Autumn trip to picturesque Russian tundra abounding in scenic landscapes and rich in marvellous lakes and rivers.” (englishrussia)

04. In search of a Komodo dragon

“Between the years of 1954 and 1963, in what was his first major presenting job at the BBC, David Attenborough fronted Zoo Quest, a documentary series that saw him traipse around the globe in search of various animals; the objective being to bring them back to London Zoo where they would then be homed. Viewers quickly warmed to both Attenborough and the concept, and the show was a hit. Below: a letter from a frustrated Attenborough, written from Indonesia in May of 1956 to his boss at the BBC back in London, in which he describes the many obstacles currently faced by his production crew in their quest to film, and capture, a Komodo dragon.” (lettersofnote)

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