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Never disappointing us, Coarse Toys is getting ready to release their new 1:1 PAW! Bust. Limited to 200 pieces, 67 cm high, the bust is made of fiberglass.

“This life-size paw! visage reflects the turmoil experienced in his concluding moments. Bring the monkey-rabbit into your home to gauge the depth of this volatile creature, an extraordinary and once off coarse creation. Brought to life by Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk.

Includes the 1:1 paw! in sheer intensity. This giant piece is hand crafted, and comes as 4 parts completed in a high gloss coat and lined with a soft felt base. Securely shipped between sponge halves, in a 4 tone printed premium cardboard box.”

The pre-order starts on December 8th, with the actual toys only shipping March 2011.

More detailed images of the piece follow after the jump.

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