SlamJam introduces us to the newly founded audio brand from Japan – Phonon.

“Phonon (phonon inc.) is a new audio brand from Japan created by the very unique team of 3 top professional veteran audiophiles along with Isao Kumano, a highly respected sound and mastering engineer, his partner in the music production team Tokyo Black Star, New York based DJ Alex Prat aka Alex form Tokyo, and producer and audio technician Yusuke Uchiyama (no milk).

After decades of research, work and dedication in the audio field and industry, our 3 audiophiles (one of them a former executive at the Japanese company TEAC) looking for better sound delivery, invented, developed and produced a revolutionary high end audio device based on an innovative new technology, concept and theory: the “phd”.

The phd is a small, very sensitive vibrating metal device that connects to the + and – of your speakers (for pre-amplified speakers, you will have to open your speakers to connect it).

The phd vibrates in harmony with soundwaves coming from your speakers, simultaneously transmitting ultrasound waves that compensate for the delay in the different speed of frequency transmission (of the sound waves), caused by the speakers aligning, then to all of the frequencies, replicating the reality of the original musical waveforms without changing the characteristics of the speakers. This has the effect of enhancing your perception and sense of hearing, making you feel and experience the “real sound” of the original waveform. Result: a more precise and detailed soundscope.”

For the start there will be 3 product lines, ranging from regular to high end. More info on the brand can be found here.

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