Heating, especially space heaters, is rarely a high priority for cutting edge design. Bas van Raay, a Dutch designer, sees things a bit differently. While his heaters are certainly inspired by furniture forms, I’m wary of labeling them strictly speaking as such. However, they are remarkable objects and make up the impressive “I Am Furniture” collection.

Yatzer remarks, “We assume that Raay’s inspiration for his ‘I AM FURNITURE’ series was drawn from his graduation project ‘heatingpoint,’ which was accomplished during his studies at The Design Academy of Eindhoven*NL.  ‘Heatingpoint’ is a “heated meeting-point” which can be applied in any lounge, lobby or meeting-point area.  We do find reference from ‘heatingpont’ in Bas van Raay’s I AM FURNITURE series, as a heater is transformed into a unique piece of furniture. In today’s design world where heaters have been transformed, some of them try to outpass themselves from a design point of view, while they try to maintain their functionality of keeping us warm.  The heater design challenge has been an ongoing process for many designers as they try to transform the heater and make it a design object which will integrate within any given space.  Let’s not forget that most people don’t like the chunky old heaters, although I have to admit that some of them have their own unique glamour of the past.”

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