Where the runway meets the street

Not entirely sure how Freeman Sporting Club’s Cowichan Cardigan has slipped our attention. The sweater is knit completely in midtown Manhattan (yes, garmento land is not just for shirts and ties), and the whole process was neatly written up on the firms own blog by the talented Mr. Coggins.

His words, wise as they are, are available here. Our added two cents… that’s to highlight our joy in finding a new layer to this “Heritage” tale. FSC has worked with Stoll, a German builder of weaving machines, to produce the sweaters. Once simple a machine showroom, Stoll’s NYC base has become a production center. A subtle shift, but one that ensures (to a degree) that traditions are continued.

It is especially nice to find that the pockets are knitted into the body… no sewn on extras here. The wool for these heavy shawl-collared sweaters is 100% Shetland lambswool, sourced from an old, respected vendor. In sum total, the cardi fits the “made local, buy local” ethos if FSC, even in “buy local” is currently extending to ones nearest web access.

Process pictures for the Cowichan Cardigan follow.

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