Tune in and turn up
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With all our love for the full sized audiophile cans, it’s probably best to discuss a pair of headphones on the more portable sound – without compromising much on quality. Quality to me is simply a true representation of the music being heard, rather than an overload on the bass and treble. Most earbuds tend to do best only on one end of the bass vs. treble spectrum. A great earbud will also fill in the mids – the body of the music – in a way that will impress your ears. You will hear a difference immediately in clarity and richness.

While they may not be part of Denon’s 100th Anniversary collection (we covered their full-size cans and turntable from that collection), the AH-c710 in-ear buds are still a top of the line earbud which will be a step up in terms of sound over your standard Apple earbuds (including Apple’s in-ear buds). Don’t worry. The bass remains for those who prefer it. It will just sound tighter than normal instead of rattling your ears. Amazon has them.

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