Where form meets function

Fastcode turns us onto this new artwork by Ignacio Canales Aracil. Called ‘the Fragility of Time’ the entire sculpture is created with flowers. We’ll let Fastcode explain it:

“The sculptures — called, ambitiously, The Fragility of Time — are meticulously built out of plants and flowers plucked from various parks in the UK (with permission, of course). Aracil then flattens the blossoms and weaves them one by one over a cone-shaped paper mold. There’s no adhesive used here; the flower arrangement is its own support structure (comparable to a straw hat). About a month later, the flowers dry out, and Aracil removes the mold. The only addition is a coat of varnish to prevent the plants from absorbing moisture.”

Take a leap, see some more shots.

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