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It has been a while since we have heard about something new from Killspencer. Now they are back in time for the Holiday season and presents a new iPad case. It was obvious that every fashion house, bag and accessory manufacturer would end up creating something for the iPad. Most of the cases are rather simple and actually a supersized version of the iPhone cases that they had previously created. Since the iPad is used in different and for different situations, than the iPhone, we actually believe a case such as the one presented here by Killspencer makes much more sense.

Their case is made of 22 oz. original wax black filter twill and features a matching black RiRi water resistant zipper, as well as coated neoprene lining and a shiny black bullhide handle. Pure quality all in all and with some nice added features and compartments. It is now available here.

More detailed images of the case follow after the jump.

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