Mike Dacey of Repeat Press gives his roundup.

01. Preserve

New Zealand based website dedicated to the preservation of hand painted signage from around the world. Of course, the above image is a favorite.

02. A Curious Catalogue – Michael Leon

Nieves latest publication A Curious Catalogue is a “skateboard product catalogue of pencil drawn anti-graphics, spin-art wheels, and slalom gemstones. It was designed to take a romantic and fantastic vision of a skateboard company and make it ‘real’.” Super rad, love the spin-art wheels painted by holding a pen against a rolling skateboard wheel. (nieves)

03. Tom Sachs’ 10 Bullets

“This amazing video from artist Tom Sachs is worth the twenty minutes it takes to watch. It’s not about print but it is about a tight-running studio operation- something we can all aspire to. It’s inspirational. Imagine the Ryan McGinness Studio Manual interpreted by filmmaker Wes Anderson and you might get something like this…” (via printeresting)

04. Crazy Russian kids DIY bungee jumping

“Crazy Russian Parkour” videos just got one-upped. This girl is going to have falling nightmares for years. What is the rope even attached to? Are they holding it? (via The Wizard Gang)

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