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Beau Colburn gives his take on the Jambox.

Chances are, you carry around most of the music that you love in your pocket. If you’re not listening to it with headphones, you’re probably scrambling around looking for power cords and auxiliary inputs when you want to share your tunes. Jawbone, who before now have been known primarily for their bluetooth headsets, have just released the Jambox, a stylish, battery powered, bluetooth enabled speaker; and it sounds great. The rubberized speaker is barely larger than a few candy bars, and packs a solid punch. The ultra-small dome speaker delivers a nice high-range, and a surprising amount of bass. It has a solid feel, but is small and light enough to be thrown in a bag and brought with you.

The Jambox isn’t just for music either. The Bluetooth connection allows for audio from phone calls, video, and games to be streamed from your mobile device. If you’ve ever taken a conference call from your kitchen counter, you’ll appreciate the added volume and clarity. If you’re addicted to Angry Birds on your iPad, those birds will suddenly sound even angrier.

Take a look at the video on Jawbone’s site for more info, and stop for a second to appreciate the intersecting worlds: the video was written and directed by friend-of-Selectism Mr. Adam Lisagor, a.k.a one half of Put This On.

More photos of the Jawbone Jambox after the click.

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