Where form meets function

Tim Barber, arguably one of the most sought after fashion photographer of the moment, has been enlisted by Freeman Sporting Club for the brands first ever lookbook. Ever the artist, Barber places tongue-in-cheek and makes mockery of (sometimes) misguided stereotypes tossed at FSC. He captures the urban woodsmen and the heritage clad dad (among others) with equal humor, giving voice to both range of influences and garments pulled together by New York’s quiet leader in locally produced menswear.

FSC was founded by Tavo Sommerland and partners to pay tribute to the vanishing art of American handmade goods, the quality and durability inherent to something made by skilled artisans. The brand has established itself with fine shirting and suiting, and this year has expanded with locally knit sweaters. With Tim Barber, FSC presents itself anew to a wider audience, while giving flak back to naysayers and having a laugh with longtime supporters.

A full spin through the FSC lookbook after the jump.

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