01. A Pictorial Guide to Fast Food in Singapore (Pictured Above)

“McDonald’s defines fast food as an order one receives within 30 seconds from payment *. Most of these, found in hawker centres, coffee shops, food courts or kiosks within malls, are more likely to clock in around the three-minute mark… still fast enough for me! This list is non-exhaustive though, only what I have cared to or managed ** to eat.” (This is Naive)

02. Glenn Beck – The Lone Voice of Reason

“In what has increasingly become an era defined by pandemonium, rancor, and blind ignorance, one stabilizing voice emerged from the din this year to soothe the souls of Americans everywhere, make us recognize the common decency that binds us all, and supplant the poisonous aura of fear and chaos with a simple, well-thought-out message of peace, prosperity, and reconciliation.

That man is television and syndicated radio host Glenn Beck.” (The Onion)

03. Ronald Isley, All Samples Cleared

“Isley (and his group The Isley Brothers) has been credited with over 140 hip-hop samples. With his new album Mr. I (Def Jam) on shelves now, XXL caught up with Mr. Bigs and got his take on some of our favorite Isley Brothers lifts. The Notorious B.I.G., Ice Cube, 2Pac, Nas, UGK, Ludacris; we’ve got all samples cleared!” (XXL)

04. How to: Use a Proxy

If you don’t know, now you know (© Notorious B.I.G) [Valet]

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