Dran’s Je T’Aime focuses on issue of the heart. There are humorous drawings from the Toulouse-based artist taking on illness and health, affection and lust, and a whole lot more. In sum total, Dran’s collected drawings prove a remarkable eye for the human spirit. His world has certain perils, but at the same time has a rather light feel to commentary which in other hands could come off very heavily. Published by Edition Populaire.

Brand new is Dran’s I Love My Life, another book of drawings with societal ill the central theme. I Love My Life released this week, and the primary reason Je T’Aime is focus of today’s post is that the images within appeal to me and are a terrific introduction to the artists output.

POW has also just release a new print, “Exhibit”, by Dran. View the print and selected page views of Je T’Aime after the jump.

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