Freshngood tips us to the premier edition of Capsule’s limited edition art collections.

Capsule 01 is the first in our series of limited edition art collections. Each volume in this archival anthology of small format books brings together a diverse selection of artists, creating a platform for different creative backgrounds and disciplines to coexist. A collectible catalogue of visual inspiration where abstraction and ambiguity take the place of established ideals and handy preconceptions, encouraging a more personal interpretation of the ideas contained within.

Volume one features the work of Alex Young, Duster, Erik Knive Skodvin (Miasmah), Gregory Euclide, Imaone, Meggs, Openmind (Dj Food), Pandayoghurt, Sougwen, and Zach Johnsen (Zenvironments).

Full preview of Capsule 01 after the jump. Get a copy here.

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