From Wallpaper*, “In the January issue (W*142), Wallpaper* investigate the increasing trend for designers to desire an audience for their creative processes. While once designers used to be the people behind the scenes, these days its the making of that everyone wants to see. One such design team are Studio Glithero (Sarah van Gameren and Tim Simpson). An important part of their process is to produce films that document the making of their products in an attempt ‘to capture the spirit that exists in the moment that things are made’. Here they document the making of their latest Blueware collection. Plants are pressed and dried before attached to the surface of the vase. The vases are then exposed to a UV light on a rotating spit, causing them to change colour while leaving a clear white silhouette of where the plants were attached. The vases are then rinsed in a special type of acid to reveal a deep blue hue which contrasts beautifully with the ghostly white shadow of the plants.”

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