Where the runway meets the street

After a bit of hinting over the last month or so, the John Boultbee line has finally delivered a first look at their clothing line – a new brand from the Brooks England company that has brought us saddles and bags for more than a century and a half. The new John Boultbee lines looks to expand on the classic Brooks look through garments. The first is this Criterion jacket. “The Criterion Mk.1 Jacket is the first in a line of what will soon be regarded as the world’s finest jackets for cycling, carrying the label John Boultbee.”

Designed with Timothy Everest, the Criterion Mk.1 jacket show appreciation for classic fabrics of the past. Take their outer: “The outer surface of the John Boultbee Criterion Mk. 1 is Ventile, a waterproof and windproof treated woven cotton textile designed in England during the Second World War for use in pilot’s suits. Ventile is also popular among birdwatchers and naturalists because is produces almost no noise when in use.”

Keep and eye on John Boultbee.

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