01. Zarb Champagne by THEY (Above)

“Dutch brand agency THEY have commissioned designers including Eindhoven collective La Bolleur and Amsterdam designers Tjep  to design bottles for their own brand of champagne.” (Dezeen).

02. On Boring

“I get told all the time that I am boring. “I really liked what you wrote about Modern Family, but the rest of your stuff, you know…” Shrug. That’s friends. Or from an editor: “I couldn’t gin up enough interest around the office.” Another editor: “What’s the news hook?” Yet a third editor: “Hits a little too close to home for us.”” (Alexandra Lange).

03. Embracing the “Overly Confessional:” Scholar-Fandom and Approaches to Personal Research

“Matt Hills’ account of the responsibilities of a scholar-fan suggests that although there is scope for personal accounts within academic writing, boundaries should be drawn to prevent work from becoming too personal and therefore undermining the author’s credibility. Hills’ observation suggests that a little personality can inject verve into a potentially staid academic piece, but there exists a real danger that in revealing ones thoughts and feelings to peers academic authority and capital can be lost. However, it feels apt that Flow, where ‘non-jargony, highly readable pieces’ are encouraged, is where I come out and declare not only the influence my own scholar-fandom has on my work, but also argue that embracing an “overly confessional” approach to my academic writing is integral to the fidelity of my research.” (FlowTV).

04. Integral House by Shim – Sutcliffe

“Math professor Dr. James Stewart, who is also a former violinist with the Hamilton Symphony Orchestra near Toronto, Ontario, has made millions writing calculus textbooks. When he decided to spend most of his fortune on a residence, he could have used any architect anywhere in the world. Instead of an international star, he selected the then-relatively unknown pair, Brigitte Shim and Howard Sutcliffe of Shim Sutcliffe to create his residence in a ravine in the posh Toronto neighborhood of Rosedale.” (Daily Icon).

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