Look who’s back! Beau Colburn grips it this Thursday, Eve of Christmas Eve.

01. Banksy (Yes, Banksy) on Thierry, EXIT Skepticism & Documentary Filmmaking as Punk
“Besides, if the movie was a carefully scripted prank you can be sure I would’ve given myself some better lines. I would’ve meticulously planned my spontaneous off-the-cuff remarks. I love that famous Jack Benny come-back to a heckler – “You wouldn’t say that if my writers were here.” But I’ve always wondered – did his writers tell him to say that?” (atwt)

02. “And, they seek the life essence.” — Merlin Mann on Dr. Strangelove
“We try. Sometimes. We cobble together ideas, and we experiment. We alternate between good cop and bad cop. We struggle to understand other people’s motivations. We kiss then kick then kiss then kick innumerable adjacent asses.
And—oh, yes—we definitely know we’re always playing it off legit. We make it all look easy, because we are good at this.
So, Strangelove’s wonderful and torturous silences are where you’re forced to confront that ineffable and annoying reality—even if you don’t tell anyone else… For me, the cringe-inducing echoes pinballing off the walls of the war room made the same inappropriate noise as the thoughts that were bouncing around in that thick skull of mine back in 1987—through which same skull, you’ll recall, Mr. Kubrick had been kind enough to unknowingly trepan. Really look at it. It’s Python. It’s Seinfeld. It’s David Brent. And, it’s everything I love about funny. (kfg)

03. Seltzer Works (above)
“In the early 1900s, thousands of seltzer deliverymen criss-crossed the nation, schlepping heavy glass bottles full of fizzy water to millions of thirsty customers. Today, with only a handful of deliverymen left in the country, the siphon machines at Gomberg Seltzer Works don’t turn like they used to. Most of the old customers have passed on (or moved to Florida). But there are still bubbles being made by third generation seltzer filler Kenny Gomberg.” (pov)

04. Comic Sans Criminal
“Helping people like you learn to use Comic Sans appropriately.” (csc)

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