“Twelve contemporary Cuban artists will address the issues of racism and prejudice at the Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. “Queloides: Race and Racism in Cuban Contemporary Art” is organized by Alejandro de la Fuente, a scholar of race relations in Cuba, and Elio Rodríguez, a Cuban artist and curator.

The artists, who were all born in Cuba, include Pedro Álvarez, Manuel Arenas, Belkis Ayón, María Magdalena Campos-Pons, Roberto Diago, Alexis Equivel, Armando Mariño, René Peña, Marta María Pérez Bravo, Douglas Pérez, Elio Rodíguez, and Meira Marrero + José Toirac.

Queloides is an art exhibit that seeks to contribute to current debates about the persistence of racism in contemporary Cuba and elsewhere in the world. The exhibit was hosted at the Centro Wifredo Lam in Havana (April 16 – May 31, 2010), and some of the same artworks will be on view at the Mattress Factory (October 16, 2010 – February 27, 2011). The twelve artists invited to participate are renowned for their critical work on issues of race, discrimination, and identity.” – MF.

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