Part of the Japanese American National Museum‘s experimental Salon Pop program, Zen Garage opens this Thursday night (December 30, 2010) and includes David Choe’s customized monster Scion xB. Arrested Motion caught an early look at Choe’s car, which can be seen above and after the jump.

Here’s what JANM has to say about the exhibition, a show developed in collaboration with Erik Nakamura and Giant Robot

The concept of Zen has been thwarted by popular culture in the form of awkward connotations and new “urban” meanings. Its basic meaning in our new world is essentially a “pure focus.” Likewise, a garage is no longer just a place where one parks their vehicle. Today’s garage can also function as a place of inspiration, development, and creation. With these words together, we bring you Zen Garage.

Zen Garage features three innovative creations illustrating various facets of contemporary aesthetics, lifestyles, and cultural backgrounds.

Choe’s car and the other innovative creations will be on view through February 13, 2011.

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