01. Scholars Say Chronicler of Black Life Passed for White

“Renown came to Jean Toomer with his 1923 book “Cane,” which mingled fiction, drama and poetry in a formally audacious effort to portray the complexity of black lives. But the racially mixed Toomer’s confounding efforts to defy being stuck in conventional racial categories and his disaffiliation with black culture made him perhaps the most enigmatic writer associated with the Harlem Renaissance.” (NYT).

02. The Ashes 2010: Australia v England – day two as it happened

“Jonathan Trott’s century set up a huge first-innings lead for England, but the day will be remembered for Ricky Ponting’s spat with Aleem Dar” (Guardian).

03. Best Food Porn on Serious Eats in 2010 (Above)

“A picture is worth a thousand words. Or calories. And that’s why we’ve got loads of them. (Photos, not calories. …Okay, calories too.) Here are ten of our favorite food porn-y photos from 2010.” (Serious Eats).

04. An Abandoned Men’s Club Is Now a Home

“As the year is coming to an end, we would like to leave the best impressions with a stunning renovation of an abandoned men’s club which is now a home!  We first read about this renovation on  The New York Times some days ago on a remarkable article written by Rebecca Flint Marx.  Furthermore, we are grateful to Robert Rausch of GAS Design Center who exclusively took the images of The Harmony Club for The New York Times and gave us the permission to publish them at Yatzer.com” (Yatzer).

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