Timothy Paul Meyers: The Ontario Ration opens on January 6, 2011 at New York’s Pelavin Gallery.

Using a found business ledger, circa 1899-1929, of a relatively unknown egg farmer as the foundation of this exhibition, Myers attempts to portray the imaginary life-story of the ledgers’ creator, Myron B. Johnson. Myers uses the title page of Johnson’s ledger, which begins with the heading: The Ontario Ration, as inspiration for the title of his exhibition—the actual title page is also used as the center point of the exhibition in a piece also titled The Ontario Ration.  Surrounding this piece, Myers creates fantastical allusions to the farmer’s cultural and historical anthropology through mixed media collages and sculptural pieces.

It’s a bloody interesting premise and the exhibition is full of promise.

Pelavin Gallery
13 Jay street
New York NY 10013

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