01. Face to Face with Judy Chicago

“In December 2010, GALLERY CRAWL visited the SF Contemporary Jewish Museum to chat with artist and author Judy Chicago about her new book FRIDA KAHLO: FACE TO FACE.” (Art Babble).

02. “Cranial Visions” Art Book

“I was once told by a Maori artist, who wore and tattooed his ancestral Ta Moko designs, that you’re not really tattooed unless you have a badass skull on you. [His was an 80s metal version.] Skull imagery hold a sort of power, a reminder of our mortality that can evoke fear or defiance (a la 80s metal skulls). Its artistic interpretations are vast, particularly in our tattoo community. Paying homage to memento mori is Cranial Visions: Exploring The Skull Through Artistic Interpretation.” (Needles and Sins).

03. Troker: Improvisation From Mexico

“Mexico is not known as a great exporter of jazz, but that might be changing with the emergence of bands like Troker blurring the lines between the country’s jazz and rock scenes. The sextet emerged from Guadalajara, developing into one of the country’s most eclectic improvisational groups. Now Troker is taking its music north of the border and beyond.” (Downbeat).

04. AD Round Up: Industrial Architecture Part V (Above)

“For the first Round Up of the year, we have five great industrial projects previously featured in ArchDaily. Enjoy them all after the break.” (AD)

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