Shoe companies aren’t the only brands that collaborate. A growing trend in the brewing industry is for folks to put their collective wits together produce new and intriguing beers. Vrienden mates the minds of Allagash Brewing of Portland, ME with Colorado’s New Beligium. New Beligium says “Get a Belgian Brewmaster and a master of Belgian brewing together and theres sure to be spontaneous imagination that leads to micro-organisms mingling in fermentation. Allagash and New Belgium are pleased to offer you our collabeeration brewed with the slightly fruity hibiscus flower, the aromatic Brettanomyces, and the flavor-boosting Lactobacillus.”

We like how they call it collabeeration. As long as the ideas are refreshing, we won’t mind reporting on more like beverages.

A short video introducing the Vrienden bottle design after the jump.

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