This is the second chair I’ve featured by Tom Raffield, and the second to exhibit his fine contemporary twist on traditional bent wood techniques. On process Raffield notes, “Steam bending is a traditional process steeped in history and culture. It was once a vital practice, paramount to the production of weapons, tools and water vessels, on which peoples livelihoods depended. Sadly, with the advance of technology this practice has been replaced and become less common. With little time and a lot of practice, I have developed my own way of using steam, which has reinvented this traditional process and brought it into the 21st century. With the new tools and the methods Ive developed, I can twist and bend wood as freely as you use a pencil for drawing. Having such a good understanding of the material and the process ensures there are no restrictions on my creativity; believing anything can be achieved, is extraordinarily liberating. Beyond this, steam bending is a low energy and ecological method of manipulating wood. There are no nasty glues and very low levels of wastage.”

The Arc Chair has a brilliant curve bringing the single arm through the base. Handsome sculptural work seems Raffield’s unique speciality. (via Industrial Design Served).

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