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01. Phonography: Phone-Based Photography Exhibition Features Renowned Creatives
“Noted graphic designer and silkscreen artist, Josh Higgins, became fascinated by this question and was particularly interested in exploring how creative-types, from designers to musicians to photographers, use phone-based photography.” (imprint)

02. Sacha Baron Cohen In ‘The Dictator’: To Star As Romantic Saddam Hussein Character
“And you thought Borat and Bruno were uncomfortable to watch.

Actor/comedian/boundary-pusher Sacha Baron Cohen has signed on to star in a new film titled ‘The Dictator,’ Paramount Films announced on Thursday. The movie will be based on the Iraqi novel ‘Zabibah and the King,’ which was first published anonymously — and then revealed to be written by then-dictator Saddam Hussein.”  (huffingtonpost)

03. Minimalist effect in maximalist advertising (above)
“Our last project is about simplicity and we try to find alternate simple versions for some package samples of the international brands. We think almost every product needs some review for minimal feeling.” (a2591)

04. John Roderick: West Seattle Is Where Seattlites Go To Die
“The editors of the Weekly asked if my column this week could incorporate a West Seattle theme, and though I normally don’t take editorial suggestions from those drunks, it just so happens that this week I’m vacationing in Florida, and West Seattle is absolutely the Florida of Seattle. So I’m going to just replace the word “Florida” with the words “West Seattle” in my column this week, and I think you’ll agree the observations hold.”

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