01. 5 Days a week

“I knew I needed nice pieces that were pulled together, pieces that I didn’t have to think about so much in those painful morning hours, clothes that were COMFORTABLE and anti-fussy…..but at the same time the thought of shopping was a nightmare. All I want to buy is Alaia and I can’t afford it..I had to design and make my own reality…” (Luxirare)

02. Collections…Shoes

“I began investing in footwear that my feet craved. The collection, once reduced to its bare essentials, has slowly but surely grown to its current level of seventeen well loved pairs. This weekend I decided to take a snapshot of the current collection and highlight a few of my favourites…” (Style Salvage)

03. 100 Days of Ties: Day 97 and the contribution week with Graham Withers

“Deciding to dedicate the final week to those who have been kind enough to donate ties to this project, I donned my ever-worn Graham Withers joint for the understated blue tie on blue oxford button down look today. Paired the shebang with some selvedge Levi’s denim, the Modern Amusement peacoat, and my fave new shoes, the Yuketen Country Rangers. I’ll admit, as I am fairly unabashed in my day-to-day actions, I liked this look to the point of strutting for a few blocks en route to the station this morning. No one was around to notice, but I knew…. I knew. ” (Momentum of Failure)

04. Communist-era Romania

“Dan from Bucharest has been in touch to share this website based on a recent book he contributed to. The charmingly titled ‘Graphics Without Computer – 40 Years of Modest Achievements’ covers communist-era Romanian graphic design.” (Magculture)

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