Beau Colburn’s Thursday roundup.

01. Village Voice: Bob Dylan In NYC
“We’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of Bob Dylan’s arrival in New York City with videos, artist tributes, and old Voice stories.” (villagevoice)

02. First Ever Photograph of a Human Being (above)
“This photograph of Boulevard du Temple in Paris was made in 1838 by Louis Daguerre, the brilliant guy that invented the daguerreotype process of photography. Aside from its distinction of being a super early photograph, it’s also the first photograph to ever include a human being. ” (petapixel)

03. How the Super Bowl Got Its Name: The Real Story
“There is no question that crediting Hunt (who passed way in December 2006) with coming up with the name “Super Bowl” is one of the event’s most cherished, and oft-repeated, traditions—and one that is immortalized in the Professional Football Hall of Fame, complete with a display of replica “super balls” in the Hall’s Lamar Hunt Super Bowl Gallery… But is it true?” (atlantic )

04. The Decemberists by Autumn de Wilde Exhibition Opening
“The Impossible Project gave Autumn 2,500 exposures of the last remaining stocks of the experimental chocolate, blue and sepia Polaroid peel apart films. She shadowed the band during the recording of their new album, intimately capturing thousands of precious moments on this distinctive film. Each box set will feature a one of a kind Polaroid from the experience.” (impossibleproject)

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